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The Fine Art of Negotiating Collections!

Dear Readers, Many of our clients have collections and other debt that is properly verified through our audit process and must be settled. The following is a suggested action plan and verbiage we give our clients when contacting debt collectors and negotiating payment.  We hope you find it useful in negotiating collections. When a debt [...]

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Cleveland, a True Credit Repair Story

If Cleveland can repair its credit, so can you! As a lifelong Clevelander, I have witnessed and endured countless bouts of Cleveland bashing: "The mistake on the lake", "The city that God forgot", "The rust belt", "A great place to never visit". Even our beloved Lebron James spanked us on national television when he "Took [...]

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Pre-Paid Cards are Glorified Gift Cards!

Many of our applicants ask us if a prepaid card or prepaid debit card will improve their credit score. Unfortunately this is not a credit question that has an "it depends" answer. The short answer is NO it will not help improve your credit score. Here is your why behind the what. In order for [...]

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Can Debt Collectors Call My Family?

Clients often call me to complain about a debt collectors calling their relatives in regard to their debt. “Isn’t it illegal to talk to my relatives about my debt”, the client will ask. After 3 years of law school and 20 years of practice, I can give them this definitive answer: It depends. Surprisingly, it [...]

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Confessions of a Credit Repair Company!

As the owner of Credit Repair Resources, I would like to call our credit repair process “Proprietary” or a “Trade Secret,” however, that is just not the case. The fact is that there are no tricks, trade secrets, special-ins with the credit bureaus and/or proprietary practices in credit repair. In fact any organization that makes [...]

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Credit Building vs. Body Building!

Virtually every client referred to Credit Repair Resources has the same objective, they want to increase their credit score or credit building. I can say with a high level of safety that most of our clients would not care so much about derogatory items posting on their report if their credit scores were where they [...]

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Why The Pen Is Mightier Than The Keyboard!

It seems as if we become more dependent on electronic data each and every day. Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Google Glasses, Smart Watches and more. Everything is meant to reduce the time that it takes to complete a task and make us more efficient. In regards to credit reporting, one would think the same holds true [...]

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