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Virtually every client referred to Credit Repair Resources has the same objective, they want to increase their credit score or credit building. I can say with a high level of safety that most of our clients would not care so much about derogatory items posting on their report if their credit scores were where they want them to be.

Many analogies we draw with credit relate to our personal health. Recovering from an economic event like a bankruptcy, divorce, loss of job or medical event is like trying to lose weight and get in shape. To lose weight, keep it off and get in shape, a consistent combination of a healthy diet and exercise has to implemented and followed through with. Well this is a direct parallel to our credit scores. The big difference is we want the number of our weight to go down and the number of our credit score to go up!

By combining a thorough audit of our credit report and executing a well devised action plan, we can drastically reduce the time it takes for our scores to recover. The more effort we put in, the better the results are. Many of our clients come to us expecting to enroll in our program and we will do everything for them. The fact is that credit repair is a team sport. Credit scores are built by showing the responsible use of credit over time. The process of removing outdated, unverifiable information is the diet portion of the process. Properly executing the action plan is the exercise part!

Without both components of the process being implemented, the time it takes to recover can be hampered significantly. Conversely, our clients that execute their suggested plan quickly most always have the fastest increase in their credit score. CRR Case Managers educate our clients on the best practices for rebuilding their credit scores via new credit and or existing accounts that are reporting. To draw further from the diet/exercise analogy, our Case Managers are both the “Nutritionist” and “Personal Trainer” for our clients.

Some people work out on their own, others have personal trainers 6 days a week. Some consumers repair their credit on their own and others use services like Credit Repair Resources. Whatever your chosen path is, make sure you work “diet AND exercise” into the process!

Chad Kusner
President/Credit Repair Resources
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