Raving Fans of Credit Repair Resources

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I was Skeptical

I was a huge skeptic about credit repair companies. I had no idea which were scams or if they were even necessary. I considered trying to repair it myself but I think part of what you pay for is not having to spend hours doing it yourself. My time is precious so I gave them a try on the recommendation of a realtor that I met. I questioned the CRR rep heavily and was very frank about my skepticism with him. For instance, I wondered how can I get my finances/credit in order and pay your fees. He was very understanding and offered to wait until I could get the money together to start the program. I called in December and I didn't start the program until February, they were patient with me and kept in touch with me through email about once every other week, and they weren't overbearing. Their instructions were clear, they were down to earth in telling me the next steps and I saw items drop off within 30 days, I couldn't believe it. My credit improved from high 500s and low 600s to high 600s low to mid 700s. I started in February, I was done the end of May. I am so glad. I've told my sister about this program and my mom and dad. My mom and dad have already called and plan to start as a couple(option I didn't even know they offered that's awesome and thoughtful since married people's credit can affect each other). They are starting soon. CRR is the only credit repair I will recommend, I am a living example. I trust them with myself and my family.


I was thoroughly satisfied!

I was thoroughly satisfied with the services that I received as well as the level of professionalism shown by my counselor Cyndi. Cami was also available to answer some of my questions.

Mary W

Thank you Everyone at Credit Repair Resources!

I would like to take the time to thank everyone at Credit repair resources
from Cher to Jessica and Tam for their hard work. I am in a much better place
with my credit. I could not have done it without them!! Thank you again!

Kevin H

Credit Repair Resources helped me a great deal

Credit Repair Services helped me a great deal. They were very attentive & kept me updated & informed throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend their services to others.

Qween W

Credit Repair Resources Coached Me!

Credit repair resources not only helped improve my credit score but also coached me in how to manage my credit, no matter what I have going on in my life.

Christian H

Enjoy the Credit Repair Resources Experience!

Great service. Enjoyed the experience.

Mark C

Very Appreciative of Credit Repair Resources!

Very appreciative for the quick turnaround given my urgency... one suggestion is that not all clients should receive the standard regular emails that are send out. In my case it was not good advice to open a new line of credit, given the fact that I was trying to get a mortgage in the immediate future. Otherwise I'm very happy with the outcome.

Mindy H

Great Workers There at Credit Repair Resources!

Great workers there will walk you through you situation all situations are different but they are willing to give you opportunities on what best suit you !!

Damien A

Nothing as Important

I don't know that I've received more value from a service in my life regarding something as important as your credit

Jeff D

I am now closing on a house!!!

I was always so against using a Credit repair service, everything I ever read was negative and that they do nothing that you cant do yourself etc. etc. But I was told by my mortgage broker that CRR is different I was so hesitant at first but if it wasn't for you guys I would not even be close to being able to purchase a house.

I just wanted to leave positive feedback and thank CRR for the help. The credit bureau's told me it would take 6-9 months to get my score where it needed to be to purchase a home. With the help of CRR we did in 45 days and I am now closing on a house!!!

James T

Credit Repair Resources is a Great Company!

Credit repair is a great company! I'm very satisfied with all the service they offered us. Thank you so very much!

Kelly T

I recommend ALL of my clients to Credit Repair Resources!

"I have recommended all of my clients to Credit Repair Resources for the last several years after I sent a very difficult case to them to get resolved and they were able to fix this ladies credits credit. She was a relative of mine. She had made quite a mess of her credit and they were able to remove over 50 items from her credit and she was left with 3 small medical collections that she paid off afterwards. She had taken their advice and opened secured credit cards while they were assisting her in cleaning up her credit. Since she had such a mess it took nearly 8-9 months to clean it up but 1 yr after starting with Credit Repair Resources I was able to help her buy a new home. Since this I send all clients to them that need assistance. Most of my clients are ready to buy a home anywhere from 2-4 months after sending them to CRR. I couldn't be happier with their service and their staff."

Melissa A.

Thank you so much, I finally got my Mortgage thanks to CRR

I'm so happy to have you guys help me and my husband out with our credit. Thanks to CRR we got our credit repaired and were able to get our Morgage approved. Will be coming back in a to fix my mother in law's credit.

Blanca Alvarez

I was a bit hesitant

I must admit when I initially was put in contact with you I was a bit hesitant. As a divorcee and single mom trying to build my credit, I felt as if I didn't have any additional income to put towards your service but I am so glad that I did. The journey with Credit Repair Resources has been an invaluable asset in giving me the knowledge and encouragement I needed to improve my credit score. I have and will continue to recommend your services. Thank you!


Excellent Service!

Excellent service, did everything you said you would do...very satisfied.


Very Pleased with our Success!

Both my husband and I experienced a 100 point jump in our credit scores but more importantly, we now have such a much better idea of how credit reporting works, how to monitor and what impacts our score. We were very pleased with the success we achieved.

Teresa M

I am very happy!

Good morning,

I was pleased with my CRR experience and would recommend your services to someone else who may be in my same situation. The staff was professional, all of my questions were answered in a timely manner and all aspects of the process were explained clearly. I am very happy about improving my credit score and excited that I have taken the first steps to a better financial future.

Thank you,
Carolyn B

Carolyn B

You Guys did an AMAZING job!


I just wanted to give you an update. Steve has gotten pre-approved for a house so we no longer need to use your services. You guys did an AMAZING job and we are very satisfied with the speed and the quality
of work. Thank you all SO much. I plan on coming to you for my own credit needs once I am able to.

Please let me know if you need
from us.


Beneficial and Rewarding

Our experience was both beneficial and rewarding. Thanks for helping
us restore our credit. It was really nice working with Tam. Very
knowledgeable and friendly person.

Again, thank you for your assistance.

Pam L

The Greatest Decision of my Adult Life!

This was the greatest decision of my adult life to be apart of this program. The credit repair itself is amazing and helpful but the education and insight I've learned boosts my confidence and my quality of life.


It was a Pleasure!

It was a pleasure being with you all my questions were answered in a timely manner and my concerns were addressed overall my credit score was increased an I'm now able to move forward with a positive out look for my future relating to credit injuries


Wish Me Well!

Well my scores are up I'm ready to start applying for a house loan wish me well!


Extremely Happy

Extremely happy with my credit score! The credit repair was all within a very timely manner.


Kind, Professional and Understanding

I found CRR to be very kind, professional, understanding and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to my friends and family for their credit repair needs.

Charles B

Buying in January!

We were not sure about doing this. I am happy to say it real worked.

My credit is clean and I will buy my house in Jan. Thanks

Jason and Darlene

So Helpful!

My experience with CRR was so helpful in to repair my credit and reaching my goals!

They go above and beyond to meet your needs! I would highly recommend them!


Skeptical At First

To Whomever it may concern,
I am more than happy with the services your company has been providing. When I first signed up with this credit repair company,
I was skeptical at first.

I was worried that i was stuck with bad credit forever. My credit score has went up so much, within a few
months. You guys have walked me through everything, and have done more than i anticipated. I am excited with the results,
and can't wait until my credit score rises, for me to buy a house. Every question I have had, has been answered in the most timely

Everyone that i have been in contact with, treats me with the most upright respect. I appreciate everything, and will definitely
recommend your services to anyone i know, who needs help with their credit.

Thank you very much,

Jamie J. W.

Jamie W

Very Easy to Work With!

Credit Repair Resources is very easy to work with as did a great job thanks again very reasonable price to also everyone very friendly and helpful


A Great Choice for us!

It was a great choice for us to trust someone to work on with our bad credit, Credit Repair was so absolutely amazing, within a short period of time they have had proven their exceptional/professionalism to fix our credit.

We are so beyond happy. After few months (probably about 5months) of working with them, our credit score went up, our main goal is to get a mortgage loan, within that short time working with credit repair we finally got approved by a mortgage company.

And we are so excited and thankful for trusting Credit Repair. I will highly recommend it for everyone.

Ren and Melissa

Best Decision We Have Made!

The best decision we have made in a long time! Worth every dime! Thank you for making a difference in our life!


My Only Complaint

My only complaint is that when I called msgs were taken and i didn't get call backs until i became upset.

Also i was told that i cannot come in to speak/meet with my counselor, all communication was done over the phone. (this is not customer service)

However at the end when i needed something you all were there and that speaks volumes.


The Real McCoy!

If any of you out there are reading this and wondering are they the real deal I'm here to tell you they are the real deal straight up number one Class Act outfit don't waste your money with anybody else they fixed my credit like the pros that they are don't get burned don't get scammed crr is The Real McCoy

Richie B

Richie B

My case was difficult

My case was difficult as I work very strange hours and it was hard to speak to my counselor at times however they always returned my calls and helped me do what needed to be done to repair my credit.

Randall J

Randall J


I really want to thank ur team at credit repair resources for all the help and the attention you gave me and stayed committed on helping me boost my credit scores on all 3 report's..I would have never known to do the things u did to raise my score almost 40pts in 3 months...thank u for everything.

Paul A

Paul A

You guys are amazing and work miracles!!

You guys are amazing and work miracles!!

Thank you!!!

Agnes B.

Agnes B

"Your staff is superlative"

Hello Chad,

Thank you for helping me meet my goal of finally cleaning up my credit report. It has been a subject hanging over my head for years. As a single parent, my credit wasn't great, but with your help, it is now greatly improved! After six short months of CRR services, I was able to obtain an unsecured loan for my new business, and now I can support myself without the fear of being laid off.

Your staff is superlative, especially Jessica Maloney. Everyone I had contact with was absolutely wonderful. She even continued with my closing update after I terminated services.

I would absolutely recommend your company (and have!) to anyone and everyone who could benefit from your company's services!

Best regards,

Kathleen R

Kathleen R

One word: Outstanding!

If I had to describe my experience in one word it would be outstanding your employees and the care that they gave me because I stayed on my creditors and faxed in every paper within 24 hours or less if everyone did what I have done and followed your guidelines, there is no way that the vast majority of people that would come to crr would not have a wonderful improved credit score in closing I just want to say call crr Rocks thanks so very much



I believe in Karma

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. It is rare that promises made are promises kept. Sean, every promise you made has been kept. Cindy, you are a treasure. Jessi, you are so capable at calming fears and you are such a sympathetic listener. There are times when older people are afraid to express themselves for fear of being dismissed as uninformed or incapable of understanding complicated issues. I want you all to know that not one of you ever made us feel stupid or irresponsible. I don't know the lawyers who worked so hard on this case but please thank them for us.

I believe in Karma. There is a reason that our financial adviser, Keith Klapacs recommended Jay Valerian who, in turn, sent us to you. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was something else altogether. One thing I am certain of is whatever made all of this happen, none of it would have been possible if not for the sincere concern and effort of so many good, decent, honest people.

Please know you have our sincere gratitude for the peace of mind you have given us.

Thanks to each one of you, Greg and Terri J

Greg and Terri J

You Guys Are Great!

You guys are great! Very professional my wife and I were happy throughout the credit repair process thanks again.

Robby B

Rob B

Exceptional Work!

Thank you All for your exceptional work and help to repair my credit! I could not have done this without you!!


Tracy L

Everyone Was Amazing!

Thanks guys for all you did, everyone was amazing. My credit was raised by 100 point and most of all, the negative items reporting were removed. I am glad to have chosen this credit repair company. Since the first call I felt and knew I was dealing with professionals that's why I have been recommending you to friends and family. Thank you.

Adrian g.

Adrian G

Service Was Exactly as Laid Out!

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. Your credit repair service was exactly as laid out in our initial consultation. We went from not being able to obtain any credit other than a secured card to buying a home. Thank you to all of you!

Donovan R

Donovan R

My Experience Was Great!

My experience with CRR was great. The team that I had the opportunity t work with Cindy and Jessie were very helpful. Helpful explained everything to me during our calls and Yes was able to improve my credit score so I can now purchase a home.

Thank you so very much.

Tammy C

Tammy C

The whole process was great!

The whole process was great! You have to be patient! As they say patience is a virtue! Credit score went up almost 80 points!!

Now I have to take care of it! Thank you CRR!!

Jamie R

We Built our Dream Home!

I would like to thank you and your staff for all the hard work to improve our credit. We were able to build our dream home and it's wouldn't have been possible without all the help and guidance we received from your company.

Thanks so much,
Howard and Jennifer

Jenn and Howard

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work! Credit repair has helped me tremendously and I appreciate everything you've done for me. Thank god for credit repair programs like yourself some of us really need this for a new beginning thanks

Erick R.

Very Good Experience

My husband and I had a very good experience with your team over 8 months. We feel that the work accomplished and the credit scores increase were well worth the money.

Thanks to you, we have just bought a house with a more favorable interest rate!

Amelia and Gary

All Derogatory Marks are Gone!


My last credit report showed that all derogatory marks were gone. My credit score is excellent. Thanks for all you help with my wife and I. Everyone at CRR were very professional and a pleasure to work with. I don't think it is necessary to continue services at this time. Let me know if I need to do anything more. Thanks again.

Mathu S

Matt S

You Guys Helped Me So Much!

You guys have helped me so much with my credit repair. In 1 years time my credit score went from around 585-600 to 715-731. This company is great to deal with. It's like having your own personal credit advisor a phone call away. As long as you do your part and listen and do whatever they say you too will be very pleased with the results. I also could have stopped after 6 months and been satisfied with my 685 score but I'm glad I stuck with CRR for a year my credit score high is a 731. Thanks for all of your help!!!

Jason S

CRR Knows the Nuances

I would of never of been able to scrub and improve my credit on my own. Credit Repair knows all of the nuances needed to correct, remove and improve your credit score. When I started the process my score was in the upper 500 range, as of this date, I am at 677 (close to 700) which was my original goal. I now know what to do to reach my goal with the help of our case manager. Thank you all very much! I would definitely use Credit Repair Services again if I needed help but since I learned so much along the way I now have the tools to keep my score in a health state.

Laura and David T

Laura and David T

True Value

I was initially skeptical of CRR's services considering I've been duped in the past. Thanks to their referral network I got connected and back on track. My credit score jumped over 100 points with over 20+ derogatory remarks on my report removed. I was able to buy a brand new car and now looking at buying two houses with my fiance. Thanks CRR team!

Andy Barber



My favorite transaction this year, 18months actually with all sorts of curves from short sale to buyer credit repair. A fantastic one-stop story with mortgage + barristers + credit repair resource, the whole team! Thanks to all

From our buyer:
" I really hope shirley and her family is as happy as we r! Will take great care of this house and the property! Thank u for all ur help and time! U have made this journey pleasant and quite painless! "

And just in time for Thanksgiving day gratitude!

Eric Wachtel
Howard Hanna

Happy Holidays!

Your company has been a great asset in helping us rebuild our credit, our credit score has increased with your help and it wouldn't have been without your support team, we greatly appreciate all that you have done without your help we would still be struggling and not knowing how to repair this, again thanks for all your doing and continue doing, we are glad that we were referred to your company for the help we needed. Best Regards the Elwells and Happy Holidays to your team!!!! We will continue this service from your company until we have a great score not a middle want to continue to get it as high as its allowed to get there!!

Mark E.

Very Pleased!

I am very pleased with what has been accomplished regarding my credit.

My only recommendation is explaining to your clients that their case worker has only 15 minutes each time they call. This would have been helpful upfront, because it had previously appeared that I was being treated like less than a human because my phone automatically went to voicemail.

I realize the emails are sent out trying to say that, but also know that it can still appear cold and not personal to people like myself not having the full understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.

This is an exceptional credit repair program and I had many many many reservations going in. I have recommended this to many people, now that I have a full understanding of the process. I only wish I would have done this a year ago before paying out $17,000 to old creditors.

We are now on our way to being able to build our home this coming spring/summer!

Misty T.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your help! Amazing, professional service increased my credit score substantially. I appreciate the help and coaching and would recommend the service to anyone wanting to educate themselves on credit and factors negatively affecting your score.

Oscar A.

I've accomplished everything I've set out to do

Hello, I've accomplished everything I've set out to do under the guidance of Credit Repair Resources. I'm very happy with my credit score and report. I'm closing on my house Tuesday Oct. 13th!!! Thank you CRR for helping me accomplish my goals. Best of luck to you all!!!

C. Rohrer

“Hi Carla, This is Jamey and I wanted to let you know I purchased my home in January. I moved fairly quickly but I wanted to say thank you. One issue I tried to discuss before leaving the program
is ongoing assistance. I am doing OK and able to obtain credit but one company that was removed now for a third time is sending me letters again. What options does CRR have for clients in cases where
there are small or repetative issues?”


improved credit score

“Dear Chad, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am so pleased with the service and results you and your staff have supplied to me as well as my clients. Being in
charge of credit repair for well over 100 branches is quite a challenge in itself, but with your excellent software, follow up and customer service, it has made my life much simpler.
I will keep the leads coming and am looking forward to closing many more loans in 2012!”

Sara G

“Just wanted to pass the compliment on to you. I received a call from Michael last night and he said he wanted to “thank me” for sending his file to you.
He said it was such a good experience, when it was not what he would have expected. He said you guys were “on it” with everything and he was really excited about
getting started in the process. Thank you so much for all that you do!”

Sara G

“Your team has done a fine job thus far and I truly appreciate it. My credit score has already increased significantly. I explained to a friend of mine of the process regarding the
letters also explained that you actually manage and advise as well. I explained that you can give advice on how to pay things and how to prioritize payments. He asked me to contact you on his behalf.”


“Here’s a good one! 609 Middle credit score on August 26th Mid score October 11th… 717!!!! Chad and his team did a great job helping this client for me,
I would recommend them to anyone looking for a home with a less than stellar credit score!”

Robert C

“My husband and I are very pleased with the work you have done. Actualy we have aproved for a mortgage! We no longer need your services, and would like to close our account. Thankyou for helping us achieve our dream.”

Megan M

“The services rendered here with Credit Repair Resources were of the highest quality in customer service, capabilities, and thoroughness. The stressful experience of repairing credit is much easier tolerated in the hands of CRR and after such a significant ordeal I, Jessica B, will continue recommending Credit Repair Resources to every person and family I know!”

Jessica B

“I have been using Credit Repair Resources for about 3 months now and the results have been surprising and amazing. My credit score has jumped up over 70 points and I couldn’t have done it without Adam, Samantha, and Chad. Before using their service, I was starting to think that I would never be able to have the necessary credit score to purchase a home or another vehicle, but with their help and direction I know that I can not only confidently apply for credit, but I know how to succesfully maintain and increase my credit scores. I still have a ways to go, but with the help of their services, knowledge, and suppport, my dreams are definitely attainable.”


“My story is very unique. I am a wounded war Veteran and have severe trust issues. I came to Chad and Bob with anixiety regarding having my credit repaired and they not only treated me with the utmost of respect, kindness and humility, but they took care of my credit issues with lightning speed. The ladies in the office are just as wonderful and pleasant to work with. Thank you all and kudos to the wonderful business you have established ”


“Hello. I wanted to share with you the recent experience I had with Credit Repair Resources (CRR) and their attorney, Bob Willis…
Ann, one of our veteran realtors, referred to me a young FTHB couple looking for a lifelong home to raise their 2-year old son. Ann quickly found them a bank-owned property in Norton, OH and from there our 3-month journey began!

During our pre-approval process, a tax lien was found on the credit report as not paid. Our borrower said he had paid it and went in to action to get the supporting documentation we would need. The collection agency took almost a month, after several requests, to provide that. We went ahead and took their loan application and soon was able to provide the documentation to processing. In the meantime, the appraisal came back with several repairs.

Over the next 30-45 days, Ann dealt with very difficult and stubborn negotiations with the listing agent and bank for repairs that were needed to the house. In the end, Ann got the bank to agree to make all the repairs required by the appraiser and HHMS. And, of course, the listing agent now wanted us to quickly take the file to closing. HHMS went in to action to update anything needed in the file and immediately get it into Underwriting. I only had a few weeks before our closing date, which was a 2nd extension that the listing agent stated sternly would be the bank’s last.

Well, to my shock, that jump start came to a quick halt when my processor brought it to my attention that despite having documentation of the lien being paid and released, the collection agency had never finished the process of sending it to the county to be recorded. Without this, we were at a standstill with the underwriting of their loan application. So, I called the collection agency and spoke with a “very friendly” assistant manager who told me if I would send over my borrower’s authorization she would happily assist me. I quickly faxed it over but soon got avoided by the same assistant manager just as quickly, sigh. Even a call in to her manager proved ineffective. I had two weeks left…

My last hope was Chad Kusner at Credit Repair Resources. He has always responded quickly to my calls and/or emails and I had two success stories for his services. I had hope and faith he could help! His reply to my email was, “Let me put this on Bob’s hotplate! I will get you some feedback ASAP.” This was on a Tuesday. By day’s end, Bob Willis, the attorney for CRR was calling me to find out how he could help…despite being on his family vacation! After learning of the situation, he was very compelled to help even to the point where he said he would take my couple’s legal case.

Instead, by 11am on Friday, only 2 days later, I started to receive emails from Bob forwarding to me documentation the collection agency was sending to him. The attorney for the agency, after talking with Bob, admitted they had made a mistake and dropped the ball. And so, by 6pm on Saturday 7/23, I had the complete documentation for what I needed to proceed with our clear to close and loan closing. Again, this was all done by Bob while he was on his family vacation!!! 6 DAYS LATER AND OUR TRANSACTION WAS CLOSED…on July 29th, 2011.

If it had not been for having access to the resources of CRR and their fast action to loyally support the business of HHMS, this deal would certainly not have closed on time and we would’ve been at risk for it falling apart. And, their service and time was at no charge to my buyer. I cannot thank Chad and Bob enough for the invaluable assistance they provided. They certainly were my heroes for the month of July. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”


“Another great job by Credit Repair Resources! I have another closing today with a VERY happy customer who owes it all to your credit repair service. Your expertise and persistance got the job done. I couldn’t do my job in this economic climate without your help. Thanks for everything!”


“Hello Chad, I am still in the industry, but I took an opportunity with PNC this past spring. CRR has helped two of my closest friends, O. Brown and J. Jones. I will always keep CRR in mind to help any credit-challenged individuals I come across.”

M Jones

“Hello Chad, I am still in the industry, but I took an opportunity with PNC this past spring. CRR has helped two of my closest friends, O. Brown and J. Jones. I will always keep CRR in mind to help any credit-challenged individuals I come across.”

M Jones

“Hi Chad! I was CRAZY yesterday….. it’s end of the month, etc…. But, I got your message and email, and THANK YOU…. Everything is great. I continue to refer people your way because you guys do a great job. I can’t thank you enough.”

Lisa W

“Credit Repair has been absolutely wonderful to me. They have went beyond my expectations in helping me. I am 100% satisfied with their service. Chad, Bob, and Carla have been very understanding, helpful, and professional. I will recommend them highly to everyone. Thank you for helping me straighten my credit.”

L. Bryan

“Working with CRR was a great experience. Very friendly and responsive staff that offer great customer service, Carla is a very pleasant woman to work with. Updates every 5-7business days which is great for a credit repair company. Even the OWNER(Chad) gets involved. Bob is the inside attorney which is an actual MIRACLE WORKER and makes dreams come true. CRR is one of the cheapest and most efficient credit repair companies around. I personally went from a 590 to almost a 700 score in 4-5months, results vary. I would highly recommend working with CRR.”


“I have been working on my score for over a year and a half….. Getting credit cards, a new car loan, disputing things, etc….. Thought my score had no hope bc it was barely moving with all of the hard work I did. When I first talked to Chad less than 2 mo ago, I was thinking “there is nothing else these guys can do, bc I did it all”. I always believed i could just do this on my own and if i couldnt do it, they couldnt. I listened to how confident Chad was, and decided: why not let them try? So, I let them.
Well, they have been proved wrong! With everything they did, my score has jumped over 60 points (and still counting) in less than two months!!!!!

Thanks you guys soooooooo much!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :).”


“Credit Repair: I just want to thank the great folks at Credit Repair for helping me to get my credit score up to par. I was able to achieve a new low interest rate and have my mortgage refinanced. I would recommend my friends to Credit Repair.”

MS. Ferne C.

“Dear Mary, I was able to close on my mortgage on my home in GP last Friday and it would not have happened but for all the help I got at CRR! Thanks so much!!”


“Hey guy’s, Just quick thank you for helping me close the Brandt deal. I sent her to you with some credit issues and she came back a viable home buyer, we closed last Friday.”

Darryl (In Michigan)

“Good morning business partners,
I have some awesome news for all of you. I recently got set up with an incredible service to help out my clients with credit repair. Some of you may already know that there are a lot of companies out there that do this but unfortunately many of them are not very reputable. I had the pleasure to meet the President of this company. His name is Chad Kusner and he is the founder of Credit Repair Resources. He is an Ohio based company with over 20 years in credit related services. He is definitely someone you should have in your rolodex. His phone number is (888)927-7760 and his email address is chad@crr760.com

I highly recommend you contact him if you are working with a client who needs any kind of assistance when it comes to credit repair. What I found most interesting is how often derogatory items can be removed from a credit report simply because the creditor failed to provide the correct documentation to substantiate the derogatory item on the credit report. I know Chad and his company are going to be a huge benefit for me and my clients and I felt compelled to forward his information onto you as well. This could be a very valuable tool for you to help out that particular client you have been working with.

So please keep his information handy and when you speak to him, just tell him I referred you to him and he will take great care of you.. Take care everyone and I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.”


“I think everything is pretty much done with my credit repair. The only thing is maybe get the continental finance removed from experian. Your company did a good job and improved my score tremendously.”

Shawn In Ohio

“I highly recommend CRR! I attempted to have erroneous information removed from my credit report myself, but after two weeks I was no closer than when I started. In two weeks time CRR was able to get ALL ten of the contested items removed. It was well worth the small fee paid. The staff was helpful, professional and friendly. Thanks Carla!”

Bob In Michigan

“Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!
I wanted to share a success story with all of you. I recently closed a short sale with Flagstar that was 11 months in the works. When the minimum credit score requirement flipped to 640, I had to scramble to be ready for a quick close on Flagstar time.

That is when I contacted Chad and he immediately contacted my customer and began working on her credit report to get her score up as quickly as possible. His company went above and beyond the call of duty at lightning speed (which isn’t always a possibility) to get her score over a 640.

This company delivers! If you have the opportunity to give him a call or set up a personal visit, do it. In these times of credit craziness we need help from a professional and this is the guy!”

Diane In Michigan

“I second that, he/they helped a close friend of mine get a quarter million dollars of his sons student loans off his credit report so he know can get a loan. It was a problem for over a year.”

Don In Michigan

“Great job, Diane! I too, use Chad at CRR, exclusively and with the same type of results. Unfortunately, some of my clients have chosen to “get their credit fixed” on their own. Those stories are not success stories. YEAH…..Chad is the best!.”

Barb Davis – Whitman/Suburban Branch

“Thank you to you and anyone at Credit Repair Resources that took a look at my file, and for encouraging me to get another credit card and keep a low balance on it. I almost feel guilty that I didn’t pay for any of it! The way I see it, the advice I recieved from you will be good for a lifetime, and my credit will only go up from here. I will not hesitate to refer anyone I think could be helped by your services. Take care,”


“CRR has consistently performed well for my clients as well as all of Howard Hanna. Over the past 2 years his team has shown tremendous support and given excellent service to our referred clients.”

Donna Blauser – Howard Hanna Mortage Services

“You guys/gals at Credit Repair Resources are doing a great job for me. We are living with my in-laws and it is getting difficult to stay positive to say the least 🙂 I’ve liked what you’ve done so far that I’ve recommended you to several people. Keep up the good work, and please let me know when my Fico Credit Score reaches 620 so we can get the heck out of the in-laws house :).”

Mark In Ohio

“A HUGE thank you to Chad and the incredible staff at Credit Repair Resources for saving the day and the deal. My customer started credit repair in December and her credit score is already where we need it to be to close the loan. I have several other individuals in the same program and I know, with the help of this …team, that I am going to close many more loans in 2011. I would be willing to offer a personal and professional reference if you would like to contact me. This company is going places! It is also going to help many more of my hopeful homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership..”

Diane – Mortgage one in Michigan

“Hello Chad, I am still in the industry, but I took an opportunity with PNC this past spring. CRR has helped two of my closest friends, O. Brown and J. Jones. I will always keep CRR in mind to help any credit-challenged individuals I come across.”

M Jones

“Before I applied with Credit Repair Resources, I was a little skeptical. I was so tired of organizations that promised to fix my credit but never followed through. I decided to give Credit Repair Resources a chance. What’s the worst thing that could’ve happened? My credit would either stay the same or get better. In only 3 months, my credit score went from low 500 to mid 600. I was so amazed to see how clean my credit report looked. I feel like a new me; like I got a second chance at life. I owe this new me to the person that referred me to Credit Repair Resources and the WONDERFUL staff of Credit Repair Resources. I advise everyone that wants a second chance in the credit world, to call Credit Repair Resources NOW. You wont regret it! Thank you Credit Repair Resources!”

Jasmin In Ohio

“If I ever hear of anyone who is in the same situation as I was, I will refer them to your company for sure! If you ever need a spokesperson for your company- I AM IT!”

Matt In Ohio

“Hi Chad, I was completely pleased with all that your staff have done to assist me. They were more than accomodating with my crazy and long days. They would explain everything very clear so their was no misunderstanding. I told others about you folks and they are interested as well.. Thanks Again!”


“Chad, Thanks for another satisfied customer. I have been in the mortgage business for over 15 years. I have worked with a number of credit repair services. Credit Repair Resources understands the credit scoring system and the laws that govern credit reporting better than anyone. As a result, my clients get fast & effective advice from your services, which enables them to get into a home faster. Bottom line you help people change their lives around in a positive manner. Thanks & I will keep the referrals coming.”

Tim Rhodes – Finance Manager, Howard Hanna Mortage

“Chad, just a quick note to thank you for the great results my clients have been getting from using your services. Billie had a 559 when she came to me in March of this year and after working with you guys since then she is now at a 710 mid-score and is now ready to go out and start looking at homes! Those are awesome results and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks again and keep up the good work!”

Tina – Cross Country Mortage

“Bob, I tell everyone about you and sing your praises, you took me from the depths of hell and I am now about to purchase a home. Anyone who does not believe in your service is sorely mistaken.”

Dave In Ohio

“Chad you said I was a perfect candidate for your services and I trusted you. I was a 576 middle score when I started and I am now a 670 mid. Thank you Thank you Thank you.”

Robert s In Ohio

“Hi Chad, I wanted to thank you and your team for all of the hard work. If you recall I was trying to get into a new home before our baby was due. We moved into our new home October 6th and October 15th at 5:58PM our daughter Elleanore Brooke was born! She was born 20 days early weighing 6lbs 5oz and 19 inches long. She is doing very well and it’s hard to believe that 3 weeks have already gone by. Again I wanted to thank you and your team for everything that you did!”

Mallory G.

“Here is the name of a Credit Repair company that is reputable and will sit down with you to see if there is another alternative besides bankruptcy. These are legitimate people who I refer many a customer to. The company is Credit Repair Resources.”

Don In Ohio

“Credit Repair has been absolutely wonderful to me. They have went beyond my expectations in helping me. I am 100% satisfied with their service. Chad, Bob, and Carla have been very understanding, helpful, and professional. I will recommend them highly to everyone. Thank you for helping me straighten my credit.”

L. Bryan

“Hello Chad, I am still in the industry, but I took an opportunity with PNC this past spring. CRR has helped two of my closest friends, O. Brown and J. Jones. I will always keep CRR in mind to help any credit-challenged individuals I come across.”

M Jones

“I will definitely take a picture of me and the fam in front of the house with the SOLD sign. I’m actually starting to believe it is going to happen. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Thank you so much! You will definitely be invited to the house warming party–can’t wait!”

Paula In Ohio

“Chad & Bob: I just want to Thank You again for a great session at the Mentor-East office this morning. Thanks for lunch also. Great, great info shared by both of you; we really appreciate it. Looking forward to a lasting business relationship. Have a relaxing weekend.”

Wayne In Ohio

“For years I have tried to improve my credit score on my own. I paid my debts but they remained on my credit report reflecting negatively and keeping my score low. Early this year I began the process of purchasing my first home. Multiple lenders turned me down but one referred me to Credit Repair Resources. I made one of the best decisions I’ve ever made by calling them. The people that I have worked with there were very friendly and very understanding of my situation and maybe most importantly gave me hope. They fielded countless calls and emails from me, always making sure that I knew that my case was important to them. After only two months of working with Credit Repair Resources my credit score has jumped 64 points and I am scheduled to close on my home in two weeks. I have and will continue to refer everyone I know to Credit Repair Resources because they went above and beyond what I thought was possible in such a short amount of time. Truly amazing work Credit Repair Resources, thank you!!”

Kathryn In Ohio

“I think there were only 1 or 2 items left on each of my reports. The majority were all cleared off after the first round. I’ll tell you Mary, I’m blown away by this service. Your company is the miracle I needed. Thank you so much.”

Kate In Ohio

“Mary, Success, you are the best. 652 from 588 in 60 days. Katie is still crying. I think our future business is going to be a lot like this one with the economic challenges people have gone through the last few years.”

Bob At Howard Hanna

“After a divorce I managed to get in to financial trouble. This continued for about two plus years. I really was in a bad place. I wondered if I would ever get out of this financial turmoil. I was referred to Credit Repair Resources. They worked miracles with my credit, and in a very short time my credit score went up dramatically. I was a able to buy a house in a reasonbly very short time. I never in a million years thought that this could happen to me.”

Nick In Ohio

“Credit Repair Resources is a great service. They were able to do all they said would.”

Genee In Cleveland, Ohio

“Speaking about credit. I have been using Credit Repair Resource for help when it is beyond our control and it has actually gotten me several deals that I would have normally just turned down and forgotten about. I know you all have your resources but this could be one more tool in your arsenal of weapons in this war we are fighting. You are given a username and password and you can follow your borrowers progress so that you know if they are following through and what stage they are at in the credit repair. You have your own pipeline so that you can track your borrowers and know when to expect a future deal. It typically takes about 90-120days, which as you probably know is extremely quick for credit repair.”

Jane In Ohio

“WOW……….just follow your case workers instructions,and within a short tme period you will see tangible real world results, my credit score was at 584………i put my trust w/ chad @ credit repair service and 2 months later i am at 640………oh by the way i just got a loan through a normal bank at a normal interest rate for the first time ever in my adult life…..it s amazing how much money you can save w/ repaired credit……thanks Chad!!!!!!”

Derrick In Ohio

“You guys are helping me with my credit repair so I have been referring your office to family and friends. I just wanted you to know I gave your number to my aunt today her name is Gayle so you should be hearing from her within the next couple of days. Thank you for doing such a good job!!!”


“Thanks for helping us get our scores where they needed to be. We would have never been able to achieve the same results as your company did in such a short amount of time. Thanks again.”

Mike & Michelle

“Mary, your follow up has been great and your conversion has been above par. I can’t help my customers if they don’t fix their credit. Thanks for your help.”

Tim In Ohio

“My first client referred to Credit Repair Resources got her score where she needed to buy a house in no time. She did exactly what they advised her to do and her score sky rocketed. She is very pleased with CRR and so am I! Thank you CRR!”

Jeanne In Ohio

“I referred a client to CRR on 01/29 and on 03/02 re-pulled his credit and his score went from a 595 to a 633 which qualified him for an FHA loan. The client and his new wife were in contract to purchase a house on 03/06 and have loan approval and are closing on 04/05 on their new home. Great job and thanks for making it happen so fast.”

Brad In Ohio

CRR increased my clients score 100 points in 60 days. My client is closed, funded and happy. CRR’s performance truly is “Proven, Trusted and Guaranteed”

Scott In Ohio

“Credit Repair Resources’ express package was perfect for my limited needs. They did what they promised and I can now finish building my home knowing I am ready to close. Thank you Credit Repair Resources!”

Jason In Ohio

“My first referral to Credit Repair Resources was repaired and closed within 45 days. Credit Repair Resources set realistic expectations and exceeded them. I strongly recommend this company.”

Allen In Clevelando

“The work you did enabled me to get a very good interest rate when I refinanced my house. That rate will end up saving me thousands of dollars over the life of my loan. Based upon that, your fees were well worth it.”

Thank you. At this time, I feel we have done all we need to do and that my credit reports are at an accurate and appropriate level. . If I do need additional help in the future or know of someone who does, I will certainly feel compelled to recommend your group.



“As a loan officer I was skeptical to of credit repair companies. I was warmly referred to CRR and they helped my client remove over 3000.00 in collections on 5 accounts in less than 40 days. Thank you CRR for your fast professional service!”

Joe In Cleveland

“I think you guys did a great job. No problems at all. You did what you said you were going to do and got it completed.”

Paul In Ohio

“As a loan officer I am currently using CRR on my personal credit and it has improved my score dramatically. Additionally their service is above and beyond my expectations. They are the only firm my company uses and I highly recommend them..”

C Clay In Ohio

“Dear CRR, In a month you increased my borrowers middle credit score from a 588 to a 645. You prescribed the right program, saved my client money and got his score up. Troy is now qualified to purchase a home. Thank you!”

Jason In Ohio

“As a Licensed Loan Originator in multiple states I highly recommend CCR. A good friend of mine came to me and at first he didn’t have the scores to purchase a home in time for the first time home buyer tax credit. CCR was quick, efficient, and very professional in getting my friend where he needed to be, now he’ll get that 8k tax credit because of CCR. They are the best and its worth every penny!”

Chris In Ohio

“Sean at CRR did a great jon helping one of my credit challenged clients amend their credit scores. This allowed them to buy a home 6 months later and realize their long dream of home ownership. Thanks Sean and CRR for a great job and a happy client!”

Rob H

“Chad, you guys had another success story this week!
581 score 10/2011. 697 3/2012. You guys even managed to get some accounts by FirstCredit deleted, I absolutely HATE those guys, and have never had any luck with them.

Great job, guys…..thank you very much!.”

Bill B

“Good Morning Don,
You probably don’t remember talking to me because it has probably been 6 months or so. Cindy B. gave us your phone number, I spoke to you and you referred us to CRR. I have to say it was the best thing we could have done, so Thank-You for the recomendation. My husband’s credit score is right where it should be & I have to wait a month or so for mine to be there.

I would either like to meet with you or talk to you about FHA, current rates & how it works, what is needed as down payment & closing costs. This way we can be ready when my score goes up a little more. Cindy will be our agent.

I look forward to working with you.
Sam & Lori

“Hello Chad, I am still in the industry, but I took an opportunity with PNC this past spring. CRR has helped two of my closest friends, O. Brown and J. Jones. I will always keep CRR in mind to help any credit-challenged individuals I come across.”

M Jones

“… Chad Kusner is the only person I trust to give my borrowers the RIGHT info. He is straight up. Get with him and start there. Give him your situation and let him direct you. It may cost you a few bucks, but he will give you the best advice
— Lisa.”


Thanks to you and your company Credit Repair Resources I am finally moving into my first home!!! Before I came to your company I was working with Lexington Law for about 3 months and THAT WAS THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MY TIME AND MORE IMPORTANTLY MY MONEY! After switching to your company you got more done in 45 days than they did in 3 months!!! Also in about 6 months you had raised my credit score to 712 from a 576!! Any body working with any company OTHER THAN CREDIT REPAIR RESOURCES SHOULD SWITCH IMMEDIATELY! I have been wasting my money over $75,000 in renting and can now pay MY OWN MORTGAGE thanks to your team! I hope you spread this message! Thanks again
— John B.”

John B

“Hi Chad, I was completely pleased with all that your staff have done to assist me. They were more than accomodating with my crazy and long days. They would explain everything very clear so their was no misunderstanding. I told others about you folks and they are interested as well.. Thanks Again!
— Becky.”


“I wanted to thank you for this. I just had a client in my office who had 2 collections from AT&T. Your email timing could not have been better. I got the collection company on the phone and followed your “script” almost as it was written. I am happy to say that not only did they agree to settle for less than 50% of the outstanding balance, Which my client paid by credit card on the call. In addition, they also sent me an email indicating that the items should be removed from my clients credit report. On behalf of my customer and myself….. Thank you! Just one more reason I continue to use CRR760
– Doug M.”

Doug M

“First I would just like to say thank you to the staff at CRR. They are very professional and was very personal with me. I didn’t feel like I was just an account number. I will surely recommend CRR to anyone who wants to achieve a better credit report. Thanks again CRR!”

Bill W

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